Commissioned Portrait, 2012 SOLD Commissioned Portrait, 2012 SOLD Oil on Canvas Another Beauty (2013) SOLD Another Beauty (2013) SOLD Oil on canvas Red Dreamscape (2013) Red Dreamscape (2013) Oil on canvas Serenity (2013) Serenity (2013) Oil on canvas Untitled (2013) Untitled (2013) Oil on Canvas Carousel (2014) Carousel (2014) Oil and acrylic on canvas Counting Sheep (2014) Counting Sheep (2014) oil on canvas The Feast (2014) (SOLD) The Feast (2014) (SOLD) Oil and acrylic on canvas Flamingoes (2014) SOLD Flamingoes (2014) SOLD oil on canvas Passing Through (2014) Passing Through (2014) oil on canvas Untitled (2013) Untitled (2013) oil and acrylic on canvas Blue Sky Blue Sky Oil on canvas Flamingoes II Flamingoes II Flamingoes at Lake Natron, Tanzania Masai Chief (2014) Masai Chief (2014) oil on canvas Structured Illumination Structured Illumination Oil on hardboard Cast, 2003  Cast, 2003 Oil on hardboard Screen, 2003  Screen, 2003 Oil on hardboard Rocking Horse  SOLD Rocking Horse SOLD Oil on Canvas Dreamscape Dreamscape Oil on canvas Mezzanine Portrait Mezzanine Portrait Oil on Canvas Self portrait study, 2002 Self portrait study, 2002 oil on canvas Untitled, 2001  SOLD Untitled, 2001 SOLD acrylic on canvas Immersed Immersed Oil on canvas Life figure study Life figure study acrylic on paper Tattoo Girl Tattoo Girl This painting was a privately commissioned piece of work and the original image was supplied by the individual commissioning the painting. Therefore, although the painting is all my own:) I…


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  1. Jackie avatar
    Jackie Nov 27, 2012

    Visiting from Gardens of Time. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. What a gift you have.

  2. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Nov 27, 2012

    thankyou Jackie:)...and thanks for taking the time to look x

  3. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Nov 30, 2012

    Thanks Debbie:) yes they are all painted in oils apart from 16 and 22- which are acrylics (water based )- oils are my favourite medium to work in…but I did have some work displayed not long ago that used inks/ pencil…thankyou for visiting my website- if you have any more questions please contact me via this site or I frequently visit my facebook art page- ty again, Becky :)) xx

  4. Glenn avatar
    Glenn Jan 3, 2013

    Seen your painting on GOT.I could’t believe it was not a picture. you have an amazing talent. I really like beauty spot it instantly made me think of my daughter.thanks for posting the link :)

  5. Lori McGraw avatar
    Lori McGraw Jan 7, 2013

    I am visiting from GOT. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings. The world needs more people like you to share joy through your artwork. Best of luck to you on 2013.

  6. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Jan 13, 2013

    thanks and no problem Glenn-always good to get positive feedback:)-just painting the subjects that I enjoy painting- usually use family and friends as models…

  7. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Jan 13, 2013

    Thank you very much Lori- had a lot of support from you GOT guys so glad I posted the link:)) also wishing you a fantastic and happy 2013:)

  8. phil jones avatar
    phil jones Jul 28, 2013

    Hi Rebbecca
    I have have been looking at your paintings and i like some of them are they for sale . the i like most is the girl and the bird