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My work is mostly the transcription of images from snapshots that I find intriguing on some level. This method of working then enables subconscious processes to take over and allows for more spontaneity in the application of paint. Although the images are usually recognisable, the final painted images are very different from their photographic starting point. The images that I work with need to stir my emotions on a very deep level- perhaps why I often use family as subject matter. As a painter, I find it intriguing how the photographic reality is transformed as it is translated into paint. I will often mix painterly techniques, such as drips, with conventions borrowed from photography, such as the way that the image is cropped, in order to magnify something of the intrinsic nature of the original image selected.

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  1. Julie Ratledge avatar
    Julie Ratledge Feb 11, 2013

    Rebecca I am so glad to have ‘found’ you again. Your work is incredible! I am sorry I lost touch- long story! It has taken me this long to think about finding you by computer, through a friend who uses facebook. The wonders of modern technology! You appear to be doing well and I would love to know more about your career. Perhaps you might find time to email me but I understand if you are too busy. Kindest regards, Julie

  2. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Feb 12, 2013

    What a lovely surprise:)! Thank you so much Julie for getting back in touch. Thought about you not long ago when I ventured onto the Saatchi website and came across an old tutor at Blackburn College…Please don’t worry about losing touch- I know how difficult it can be to make time. I am just pleased that you took the trouble to think of me and made time to find me. Of course I am not too busy -you have been one of the most important people in my artistic life after all. Hope that you are well? Kind regards also, Becky x

  3. Pete avatar
    Pete Feb 24, 2013

    Good to see u are painting again. I really like the one with the kid in green.

  4. Rebecca Findlay avatar
    Rebecca Findlay Feb 26, 2013

    Thanks Pete:)